Weekend Reading — The Zoom meeting crowd

Weekend Reading — The Zoom meeting crowd

Uncle Duke “some shit is about to go down”

Tech Stuff

Sohan Murthy “wow github is absolutely tired of my shit”

The Most Demanded Frontend Frameworks in 2023

Discover the top frontend frameworks of 2023 with an in-depth analysis of over 500,000 job listings from LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and more, identifying the highest demand and best-paying technologies in the industry

How Should We Talk About the Mental Health of Historical Figures? Today I learned:

The first modern-style code ever executed on a computer was written in 1948, by a woman named Klára Dán von Neumann, or Klári to her friends. The code itself is a narrow column, 30 pages long, of numbers and letters written in pencil, with occasional corrections, like a 6 turned into a 7 with two urgent exclamation points.

John Kennedy “Special keyboard for Mondays”

Free document to PDF scanner.

A quick tutorial for using the document to PDF scanner that already exists on your iPhone. No need to pay a subscription to use an app for simple PDF creations.

Hacker Memes F(nachos) = F(nachos-1) + F(nachos-2)

Business Side

How to Create Luck Doing. And Telling.

Jason has a really simple model of how to grow your LSA - do more things, and tell more people about it. Doing and Telling. Already this embodies a more active attitude toward how you can orient your life for more positive random events.

Hell is other people: performance management at Big Tech

The kicker is that across the industry, the perception of this Google-originating process isn’t necessarily any better than that of what it sought to replace. At a great cost, we merely traded the accusations of manager-level favoritism for grander conspiracy theories — sinister corporate agendas divined from the garbled words of secretive, shapeless committees.

The Paradox of Goals

Here lies the paradox of goals: Setting goals is a guarantee for disillusionment whether we reach the desired state or not, and yet working toward goals is an important part of evolving as a person. How can we resolve this paradox?

Machine Intelligence

Axios Yes! I don’t dislike AI, but definitely, this use case had to be regulated out of existence as soon as possible. “The FCC has declared the use of AI-generated voices in scam robocalls illegal, effective immediately.”

One big benefactor of the AI boom: The tiny island of Anguilla Perhaps unsurprisingly, sales of island-owned “.ai” domains have increased significantly as of late.


Kevin Beaumont

If anybody remembers the UK company called DROP TABLES "COMPANIES";-- LTD, I just noticed that this has happened - before and after.


Everything Else

Curious Moopsy Happy Year of the Dragon to all who celebrate!

Amish Super Model Darn.

So, apparently, according to some people called “doctors”…

Vodka is not considered a healthy coping strategy.

Jimmy Biscuits 💪

Guys I just won another argument while I was in the shower. Alone.

George Takei The perfect candle holder doesn’t exi…

Janel Comeau

I respect screaming babies on airplanes because they're the only ones providing honest feedback about the overall air travel experience

Assaf I remember this movie …

Profane tmesis

David Attenborough: And here we see the bonding ritual of the modern human. Each recommends to the other a "podcast" that they enjoy.

Neither will take up the other's recommendation, or even consider it. This is something both are well aware of.

Why this ritual exists, and what it is meant to accomplish, is something that still puzzles scientists to this day.

George Takei “The memory's a little Fozzie.”

Shoshana “Damn, men really don't like people's kids in Zoom meetings”

Archive Buttons Remove paywalls on any news article with Archive Buttons. This Free online paywall remover works on hundreds of news sites.

Squeezy Word Game SFit the letters to complete new words, eg TINKER + H → THINKER. This is quite a fun game. Good luck!

Doc Impossible

And this one is absolutely heartbreaking.

79% of all trans people are under 44.

Want to see what the savage policing of identity by the Boomers, combined with the AIDS crisis did? There it is right there.

LEGO Roses Botanical Collection Building Set 40460 For Valentine’s Day, how about a bouquet of roses made from pieces of LEGO?

Ben I really like Wildlife Photographer of the Year. For anyone who hasn't seen them, here are some of the images…

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